Saturday, January 23, 2010

Python Logos Part II: Free Form

Free Form Python Logos


  1. - pills in French, a pug in Lille

  2. @EuGeNe Thanks for the heads up. I added it to the previous post because it has the official Python logo in it - amazing the creativity involved in these things - makes for a lot of fun.

  3. @schmichael - I'm not sure yield is specific to Python, otherwise I'd paste it in. At the risk of messing up the logo, if you can put a def statement in there, I'll include it.

    I did LOL and almost snort my pop through my nose - here's to yield statements!

  4. @Carl:

    Given it's something I whipped up in Gimp using the pencil tool as an inside joke it probably doesn't deserve to be in the official list. :-)

  5. @schmichael - humor belongs in almost all lists that aren't deadly bloody serious - put a def statement in there and I'll post it.

    Carl T.