Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Unicode Poster From Pycon 2010 Up

I posted my poster to Slideshare in Open Office Presentation format.  The file is about 13 or 14 megs in size.  The embedded poster was in png format to preserve the shape of the foreign glyphs.

A number of people asked me at the poster session for sources.  Here are the main ones:

1) Wikipedia - perhaps not the ultimate authority on all things, but a good place to research foreign languages and scripts.

2) the O'Reilly book Fonts and Encodings by Haralambous.  If you know little about Unicode and fonts, this is the next best thing to Knuth.

3) the Python 3.1 interpreter and the unicodedata module.  Once you get the basics of Unicode down, the unicodedata module has most of what you'll need.

4) Google searches and language promotion websites - laoconnection is a site that comes to mind.  Most people are proud of their languages and culture and want to share them.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the poster.  That was fun.

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