Tuesday, March 18, 2014

(Windows) LogParser - Install Without Admin Rights

A twitter acquaintaince @zippy1981 recommended the Window's software LogParser as a replacement for MSSQL bcp for my data transfer needs.  I downloaded the msi file from Microsoft and tried to install it.  As is true with a lot of software at work, I got a message saying the software can't be installed without admin rights.

I tweeted @zippy1981 (actually Justin Dearing in "real life") back saying I couldn't install.  He suggested using 7zip to decompress the msi file.  I downloaded 7zip portable and followed the instructions and ended up with files with names like these:


The names are not handy for the executable, nor will they work, but they are easy enough to decipher - there's an underscore between the extension and a period following the filename with a long string of characters.

Here is the mini, somewhat clunky script I wrote for "fixing" the filenames (I used Python 3.3):

Remove extensions from extracted
msi files.

DIRX = 'C://UserPrograms//LogParserWorking//'

import os
import shutil

filenames = []

x = os.walk(DIRX)
# generator
for y in x:
    # lists of files
    for filex in y[2]:

for filex in filenames:
    # rip off end
    # change _ to .
    # reverse
    filey = filex[-1::-1]
    # strip
    dotx = filey.find('.')
    filey = filey[dotx + 1:]
    # replace underscore
    underscore = filey.find('_')
    firstpart = filey[:underscore]
    firstpart += '.'
    secondpart = filey[underscore + 1:]
    filey = firstpart + secondpart
    filey = filey[-1::-1]
    shutil.move(DIRX + filex, DIRX + filey)

And voil√° - I've got LogParser without having to bother our IT people for an install.
I'm probably late to the party on this msi extraction concept.  Still, I thought there might be other people who are as unaware of it as I was, so I'm blogging it.  Thanks for having a look.

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